Lets have some



Fancy something a little different? Bored of the traditional and want to have something more fun? Why not try out our Funbox shoot, which is suitable for all the family. Our Funbox sessions capture your true personality and are exactly what it says – FUN! Ideal for families with toddlers who get bored easily, or teens and grown ups who like to have a laugh. 


“Experience the FUN box…”

What should we wear?

Ideally, solid colours and try to co-ordinate if possible. Why not come in your favourite sports teams colours even?

How big is the print?

With this type of shoot, we only provide prints from 16×12 up, as any smaller and you would not get the full effect of the image.

How many people can I get in the box?

Well, that’s entirely up to you and how brave (and flexible) you all are! There is no limit to what you can do, but you will certainly have a giggle trying!

We had so much fun! Steven made us feel so relaxed and he caught our personalities perfectly. The image on our wall is amazing and all our friends love it. Thank you so much!!

Lisa D