The struggle is real! – How to get your child to sit for a passport photo

by | Jul 31, 2020

We’ve all been there? Trying to get our child to sit still in a booth to have a photo taken for that passport so you can all go on that well earned holiday abroad. But will they sit still? Nope! They aren’t interested that its for a holiday – all they want to do is move, get down of the chair, play and just be typical kids! This is where bringing them to Unique Photography for their passport photos really pays off. I’ve had client’s who have spent up to 4 times the cost in machine photographs and still came away without a useable passport photo – but when they brought the child to us it was done in a few minutes, and the photos never fail. The usual comment is “I can’t believe how easy you made that look!”. So, don’t struggle and waste those precious ££’s (and time), book a passport photo with us and you will also have a guarantee that if it does fail (which is very rare) you will have a replacement photo taken for free! We can’t be much fairer than that.

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